From our constitution

The Objects of the Group shall be two fold. To produce and mount exciting new writing and promote new writers into theatre of the highest standard, and to provide experience to younger emerging talent, (i.e writers, producers, administrators, theatre technicians & stage management.) Giving them opportunities to work in live theatre engagement with seasoned professionals and further their careers or mentor them into one, thus helping to create industry standards. In addition, we also provide experienced role play actors into the corporate world of learning and development

We ask for feedback, its simples! We can not claim to be an empathetic, mentoring, collaborative company if we don’t ask for feedback. So, here’s the proof, from just some of the people we’ve worked with over the years….

Andrew Craig Sharpe – Writer

I first became aware of KatAlyst Productions through a meeting at the So & So Arts Club four or five years ago. I went on to see several of their productions

I was just beginning to write, and they were patient and constructive when I sent some flawed early work. They were one of the first to see the merit of my play ‘Meet me at the Nightingale’ and they produced the work in multiple venues, leading to a ‘highly commended’ at the Stockwell Playhouse one act festival in 2019. They also produced ‘My Name is Cathy’ at the Camden Fringe and their AD Kat Rogers directed ‘From the Ashes’ at the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch.

Their professionalism and reliability set them apart from many producers in the arts world. They are well connected, business-like, organised and thorough, and deliver on time and on budget. Their ethos is to accept responsibility for the process, and they take tough decisions and bearing their consequences without complaint.  

As a writer, I value their both constructive appraisal of my writing and their commercial savvy. 

About Kat; She is passionate about her art. As a writer, I love working with her because I know she will both be intensely and constructively critical of my writing, and equally supportive in the execution of that creative vision.    

Adam Bottomley, Lighting Designer and Set Designer and Construction.

KatAlyst have supported my career as a Lighting Designer and Set Builder from the get go. I was involved in their very first production, over 10 years ago, when I first took an interest in technical and backstage work in my mid teens, and I have continued to work with them ever since. They provided me with the opportunity to work with experienced technicians and designers early in my career, and I am happy that I can now offer mentoring and support to younger and less experienced crew via KatAlyst, through my continued work with them. 

Jacqui Palmer – Director

I was asked on board to Direct A Slice of Saturday Night for KatAlyst Productions, at The Bull Theatre in 2010. The company was quite new at the time, and I was hesitant as had not heard of them, or come across their work at that time. Looking back, I can now say it was one of the most rewarding experiences of Directing a musical in my career. Kat was autonomous in allowing me to create a team I was happy with, and remained a safe distance throughout the process whilst at the same time, monitoring my process, and keeping an eye on quality standards. She was there to step in if required, and any issues were quickly dealt with.

Her encouragement of the very young ensemble cast was very much appreciated. They all enjoyed the show immensely, and some have gone on to professional careers in dance, theatre, and singer-songwriter.

“Theatre is the art of looking at ourselves”

Augusto Boal