MISSION STATEMENT – To encourage and develop new writing.

Beginnings is a festival of new writing.  We called out for new writing scripts of no more than 2,000 words (approximately 10 minutes) that have never had a public showing of any sort. We asked for submissions to be sent in “Blind” . The selected plays will be supported by a cast of players, all playing multiple roles and two directors taking on 5 a piece…thus ensuring as even a playing field as possible for the writers. The plays will be judged by an Industry Panel.
We are delighted to have on board, as our panel;
Sofie Mason, founder who in 2010 launched The Offies
Robert Shearman esteemed author and playwright
&  Kate Bannister, Artistic Director of The Brockley Jack Theatre.
Kat Rogers and Louise Jameson will be directing the 10 chosen plays this coming Summer,  DATES  11th & 12th July 2021 at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre, London



Delighted to announce the winning playwright of Beginnings 2021 is Stephen Tomas with – Tenebrae

Tenebrae was Directed by Louise Jameson and featured Julian Forsyth and Holly Jackson-Walters

Many congratulations to Stephen. The judges comments included;

“TENEBRAE, by Stephen Thomas. The dialogue here positively crackles – Stephen Thomas has a tremendous gift of taking innocuous statements and sentences and giving them increased menace. Of all the plays in Beginnings, this is the one that had the courage to be truly ambiguous – to refuse to explain itself from the outset, and the result is something that is deeply intriguing. It’s sometimes said that most (useful) scenes in drama reflect on some level a power shift between the characters – and Tenebrae plays this wonderful game with the audience, that in the space of only a few minutes that shift goes back and forth and back and forth. There is real craft to the writing here – this is really exciting stuff. I don’t know what Tenebrae is about, or where it’s headed – and I think it’s very telling that I don’t want answers, I just want more of it.” 

We are delighted to be working with Stephen over the next 12 months to fully develop this play into production.