Beginnings – A New Writing Festival



MISSION STATEMENT – To encourage and develop new writing.

Beginnings is a one day festival of new writing.  We are calling out for new writing scripts of no more than 2,000 words (approximately 10 minutes) of brand new writing that has never had a public showing of any sort.

In conjunction with So&So Arts Club, Kat Rogers (of KatAlyst Production Company) and Louise Jameson are gathering a troupe of 9 actors to perform 9 plays this coming September, (13th September is the event day).

We are inviting submissions of scripts to be delivered anonymously from 20th April 2020 to

As soon as the Inbox receives 200 entries we will close call a halt to submissions and inform you during the first week of May which of the scripts have been chosen to move forward to performance.


Up to 12 minutes in length (2,000 words is a good guide line)

Up to five characters (monologues are perfectly acceptable)

If its part of a full length play, please send us the first 10 minutes

Or a 10 minute short play

One table and up to 6 chairs are the only furniture

Simplistic lighting states are the only lighting Qs

Sound effects/q’s to be supplied via mp4 format

Props to be kept to an absolute minimum

Kat Rogers and Louise Jameson will be directing the nine plays

Based on audience feedback the writer of the most popular play will go forward to receive a rehearsed reading (the following year/September/Autumn) of a more fully developed piece of the writer’s choice.

The 10 minute play can be complete within itself, or the first 10 minutes of a play (note: not a section of play but the opening 10 mins)


We look forward to receiving your submissions, and will remind you here that they have to be anonymously submitted to and the work must be brand new (never having had a public showing of any sort).

This first Beginnings Festival is the brain child of Kat Rogers and Louise Jameson in conjunction with So&So Arts Club.

Get writing lovely people,

Kat and Louise


Corporate Work

Supplying Actors and Actress’s for the corporate sector

In addition to our theatre work, KatAlyst have a stock of talented actors and actresses who work in the corporate sector, offering trained, well informed practitioners for use within training, learning and development and HR functions. Our Role Players have worked in a variety of settings, (Corporate, Health & Safety and Outdoor events for example). All our actors are fully trained professionals and can offer a skill set such as normal role-playing scenarios, forum theatre, invisible theatre and film credits.

Our work spans across the live theatre in training, events work and corporate films sectors.

Recent works includes NHS contract work for Juice Learning, Bullying & Harassment Training, Reporting Hate Crimes contract with Imaginarium for Welwyn & Hatfield Council, University of Hertfordshire working with difficult customers with G-Wiz Learning and Development, Medical Role Play with Simpatico and a viral Advert and client testimonial work for Beausynergy

As Artistic Director and Lead actor for KatAlyst, Kat came to acting after having had a career in HR and Training, so she understands the needs of her clients and the overall required outcomes of the bespoke training courses on offer. The power of live theatre in training is a powerful tool which works in total synergy with known training styles and delivery, allowing participants to really explore and embed their learning of the subject matter of the day. Kat and her team have been working together with Imaginarium since 2008 to develop a specialist scenario/coaching and feedback/scenario format.

Sally Paffett

Sally Paffett plays Lindsay Libett in The House (The Maltings Theatre and The Bread & Roses Theatre 2017)
Sally Paffett-5 (002)Her recent theatre work includes Waugh in Winter (reading at the Jermyn Street Theatre) and Scattered (Etcetera Theatre). Her recent film work includes The Burying Party (Richard Weston), Ask Me Another (Bradley Porter), OFF (Joe Savage), Another Life (Javid Rezai) & All Of Them (Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez). She won Best Supporting Actress at the Madrid I.F.F. in 2016 and graduated from East 15 Acting School in 2014.