From the very beginning, KatAlyst productions were keen to create opportunities for young people who aspired to professional standards in their work, whilst having not undergone any formal training yet. Perhaps they wanted to get some experience or credits before applying to Universities or Drama Schools, perhaps they had just returned from training and were looking for that all important first credit on their CV, or perhaps they just didn’t feel confident to go it alone in their chosen profession and needed some mentoring and guidance along the way. However the conversations began, we listened, and were there to help with opportunities on live theatre projects and performances where we could, always under the eye of our industry pro’s.

We are very proud to have followed the careers of some of the people we mentored, who have gone on to be professionals in a variety of careers, including Actors, Dancers, Singer-songwriters, Lighting Designers, Stage Technicians & Stage Managers. Some of them are still with us, returning as fully qualified staff now helping the next generation of young people….and so it goes on….

We are all about paying it forwards, we know how tough this industry can be, especially getting on the ladder, if you are looking for a little help or would like information about getting involved, please use the contact us page to get in touch.